Hobby Radio, Inc. d/b/a Union Station

W-E-A-K LP 106.7 FM

6747 State Highway 56

Athens, Ohio 45701-9021

Studio Line: 740 592-1067

Business Line: 740 593-3683

Fax Line:  740 593-6519



Underwriting Guidelines and Agreement

For Businesses


Hobby Radio, Inc. d.b.a. Union Station, W-E-A-K LP-FM, relies on our listeners and local businesses for 100% of it operational support - we depend on listener support and business underwriters to keep us 'on the air'.


Hobby Radio, Inc. offers the business underwriter four categories of underwriting on WEAK-LP-FM, Athens, Ohio's first Low Power FM Radio Station.

W-E-A-K LP is licensed by the F.C.C. and all underwriting messages must comply with Federal Regulations.


General Underwriters: Businesses, organizations or other entities; that donate $60.00 are considered Underwriters. This entitles the Underwriter a minimum of three 'on-air' announcements per day for each month that is funded. We are currently running a special promotion. Underwriters who contribute two months of underwriting will receive the third month at no additional cost.  This is a savings of $60.00. Sponsor Hobby Radio, Inc. for 8 months in advance and receive 12 months of acknowledgment.


Weather Sponsors: Sponsors of weather reports on W-E-A-K LP-FM donate $50.00 per week with no discount for advance payment. Each weather sponsor receives one mention per hour (with their business name mentioned on both sides of the NOAA weather forecast). This is a very inexpensive way to promote your company and support for Hobby Radio, Inc. Consecutive weeks of on-air promotion in this category is not guaranteed unless prepaid.


Gospel Sponsor: Businesses who support W-E-A-K LP-FM with $10.00 per month will have their spot read a minimum of three times during the Sunday morning gospel show (which currently airs from 8 am to noon. The yearly payment of $100.00 is a discount of $20.00 or two months free.


Bluegrass Sponsor: This category is for sponsorship of the Bluegrass show that is scheduled for Saturdays at noon. A yearly gift of $100.00 helps support

W-E-A-K LP-FM with the funds needed to bring to our listeners a wide variety of Bluegrass music (including local performers) for their listening pleasure.   




General items applicable:


1.                  Donations and Underwriting Support are/is non-refundable.


2.                  There will be at least three daily 'on-air' announcements of support and presence on W-E-A-K LP-FM 106.7 mhz.


3.                  Hobby Radio, Inc. DBA Union Station is a non-profit Ohio corporation that holds the FCC license for W-E-A-K LP-FM. We are restricted by the F.C.C. to be 'non-commercial/educational'. Sponsors, supporters and underwriters can be mentioned 'on-air', but we cannot advertise prices or suggest any 'call to action'. Therefore, we will only be able to mention the supporters/underwriters names and offer general information. This is considered “name recognition.”


4.                  Credits on W-E-A-K LP-FM Radio are intended as a way of thanking and identifying underwriters. Underwriting credits must meet the test of whether they are in keeping with the noncommercial nature of public broadcasting. In general credits must maintain a non-commercial sound. Some examples follow:


5.                  What is allowed on W-E-A-K LP-FM Radio:


                   Credits that are less than 45 seconds.

                   Factual information about the underwriter, including location, product name and description of services.

                   Credits may contain a phone number and/or Web site address.

                   Well‑established slogan or corporate positioning statements. (If not a call to action, comparative language, or qualitative statement)

                   Preamble, "Local Underwriting is provided by" is included in the credit announcement


6.                  What is not allowed on W-E-A-K LP-FM  Radio:


                   No comparative statements (e.g. the best, bigger, faster)

                   No qualitative statements which involve subjective evaluation of quality (e.g. fine, great, rich, superb)

                   No price information (including "free")

                   No call to action statements which direct the audience: to call, to visit, to try, to compare

                   No inducement to buy statements which direct the audience to purchase the product (e.g. free trial period, 2 for 1)

                   No first or second pronouns (e.g. I, me, you)


7.                  Tax Deductibility: W-E-A-K LP-FM is a 501 (C)(3) entity and being so, all contributions are tax deductible.








Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:  ________________________________________________________________

Telephone number:                                                                                                                             

Web Page:  ____________________________________________________________________


Payment Options:


Category:                               Monthly:                                 ½ Yearly:        Yearly:


Underwriter  (Chamber Special) O _3_  = $_120.00_              O  $240.00   O $480.00


Gospel Sponsor (Business)         O____  X $10.00 = $____     O $60.00     O $100.00


Weather Sponsor                        O ____  X $50.00 = $____ (Weekly)


Bluegrass Sponsor                      O $_100.00_(Yearly)


Donor                                        O $_____.___


Preferred method of contribution:


O Email Address related to your PayPal Account                            O Cash or Check #




Absence of signature, but full payment constitutes these conditions are accepted:



Contributor (Signature)                                                   Date



Name (Please print)   


O I prefer to remain anonymous – (No on-air announcement)


Please print and fill in this form and send it with your support or credit card information to:


Hobby Radio DBA Union Station - W-E-A-K LP-FM

6747 State Highway 56

Athens, Ohio 45701-9021

Thanks so much for your support. Any amount is graciously appreciated!