Hobby Radio, Inc. d/b/a Union Station

WEAK Radio

6747 State Highway 56

Athens, Ohio 45701-9021

Studio Line: 740 592-1067

Business Line: 740 593-3683


Underwriting Guidelines and Agreement

For Individuals


Hobby Radio, Inc. d.b.a. Union Station, WEAK Radio, is listener supported. We depend on listener support to keep us 'alive'. After March 31, 2023, WEAK Radio will only be available on the internet at http://www.weakradio.net


Hobby Radio, Inc. offers the individual supporter four categories of underwriting on our internet feed.


Supporters (Sponsors): Supporters are individuals who privately contribute $10.00 or more. This entitles the supporter to a minimum of 3 'spot' announcements each day for one month intervals. If a supporter contributes $100.00 per year, and if paid in advance, we will air their support acknowledgments for the last two months at no additional cost (which is a savings of $20.00). In other words, support for 10 months in advance and receive 12 months of acknowledgment.


Donors: This category is for any amount that a listener wishes to contribute to WEAK Radio that is not covered by the other types of support (Bluegrass and Gospel) or for those who want to help WEAK Radio but want to remain anonymous. Any amount would be graciously appreciated!


General items applicable:


1.                  Donations and Underwriting Support are/is non-refundable.

2.                  There will be at least three daily spot' announcements of support and presence on http://www.weakradio.net/

3.                  Hobby Radio, Inc. DBA Union Station and WEAK Radio is a non-profit Ohio corporation. Individual supporter’s names will be mentioned, combined with other individual supporters and each message will play a minimum of three times per day throughout the term of support.

4.                  Spots on WEAK Radio are intended as a way of thanking and identifying underwriters.

5.                  Tax Deductibility: Hobby Radio, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) corporation. Contributions to Hobby Radio, inc.

            may be tax deductible. Consult your tax preparer.


















Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:  ________________________________________________________________

Telephone number:  _____________________________________________________________

Web Page:  ____________________________________________________________________


Payment Options:


Category:                                       Monthly:                         ˝ Yearly:         Yearly:


Individual Supporter                O ____  X  $10.00 = $____ O $60.00        O $100.00


Gospel Sponsor (Individual)    O____  X   $5.00 = $____    O $25.00       O $40.00


Bluegrass Sponsor                    O____  X   $5.00 = $____    O $25.00       O $40.00


Donor                                                                                      O $_____.___


Weather Sponsor                      O ____  X $50.00 = $____ (Weekly & BiWeekly also available)


Preferred method of contribution:


            O Email Address related to your PayPal Account                O Cash or Check #




Absence of signature, but full payment constitutes these conditions are accepted:




Contributor                                                               Date


Preferred name for "airing" (Please print)   

O I prefer to remain anonymous – (No on-air announcement)



Please print and fill in this form and send it with your support or credit card information to:


Hobby Radio DBA Union Station & WEAK Radio

6747 State Highway 56

Athens, Ohio 45701-9021

Thanks so much for your support. Any amount is graciously appreciated!