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Station Promos

Everybody Talking About
Start the Day in the Right Direction
Winner - WCOL Nighttime Battleline
Join the Crowd
Go to the Fair
Win $25 from the New WCOL
You had to be There
Gorilla Club
Ad America Week
Listen to WCOL's Money Match Game Daily
It's here again
WCOL's Gotcha!
Singing Clock
24 Hours a Day
Fame Game
WCOL/Beatles Tee Shirt
The Great Frisbee Fly-In
Frisbee Fly-In Winners
Boss US
Spring Fever
Call the 24 Hour Request Line
The New WCOL's Second Annual Music Awards
The Winners of the Second Annual Music Awards
Be Weatherwise with The New WCOL
Are You a Member of the WCOL Listener's Club?
Columbus News Watch
Winning Dollar Days
Play 'Name That Oldie' on WCOL
Keep it on Super COL
Lifeguard Salute
Birthday Scramble
Promo for 92.3 WCOL FM

Chickenman Promos

Midland's Coldest Winter
Official Badge
Chickenman's Beak Patrol
Guess Who's Coming Bawk!
The Return of Chickenman

Holiday Promos

Happy Holiday's From the NEW WCOL
'The NEW WCOL' talks about more than turkey during Thanksgiving!
Super Cupid's at it again!
Watch for the Pilgrim Hat
The New WCOL - Where Christmas Is!!
Happy Holidays from the New WCOL
A Lot of People are a Lot Happier this Christmas Season Because of WCOL!
Kinder Key... New hope for young hearts
Kinder Key - The Christmas Spirit Comes to Columbus
Send Sooper Santa a Card and Tell Him if You've Been Naughty or Nice
WCOL's Christmas Stash Flash
Happy New Year
Happy Holidays from All of Us at The NEW WCOL

Public Service Promos

Teenager's March for ALSAC
WCOL Star Spangled Salute
March of Dimes - Walk-A-Thon
The Great American Roll-A-Thon
The New WCOL Voice of Yough
Help Us Help - Join the Red Cross' Club 18
March of Dimes '74 Walk
The New WCOL's Motorist & Pedestrian Safety Week

The Tooth Fairy Promos

The Tooth Fairy Cartoon number 1
The Tooth Fairy Cartoon number 2

The WCOL Cooking School Promos

The WCOL Cooking School Promo #1
The WCOL Cooking School Promo #2

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