Mike Adams is the first 'All American' that contacted me regarding the Funpage. Mike's real name was Terry Hackney, but he legally changed it to Mike Adams back in the 60's. After graduating from Ohio State University film school in 1973, Mike left WCOL, and moved to Los Angeles. He worked for a few documentary film makers and actually worked weekends at KWIZ in Santa Ana, south of L.A. By that time, radio had ceased to be fun, but Mike has re-captured his 1960 college radio experience at WOUB and WATH in Athens, Ohio, currently as the faculty advisor to his department's FM station, KSJS. In college radio, nothing has changed, people are still excited about radio.

Mike is currently a professor of Theatre Arts Radio-TV-Film at San Jose State University in San Jose, California. His University webpage is: http://www.ksjs.org/adams. Mike's University e-mail account is: adams@email.sjsu.edu His personal e-mail account is: mhadams@got.net. Among the duties at the San Jose State University, Mike has dedicated a webpage to poineer Charles Herrold. It is located at: http://www.ksjs.org/herrold. Mike's homepage is: http://www.ksjs.org/adams.

Mike Adam's business cards

Mike Adam's Radio Telephone Third Class Operator Permit

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