Lou Henry's real name is Louis J. Henry. Actually, he's a JR. His father was known as Lou Henry, but Lou JR. never called himself Lou until he got into radio at the age of 17.

Lou was the second "All American" to contact me after I started the 'Unofficial 1230 WCOL Funpage'. In his correspondence, he stated that he got out of radio in 1988 after some 26 years of playing the hits. After COL, he headed for Detroit and worked at CKLW for 5 years, and went to law school. He then moved to California after law school in 1980 and practiced law in LA, but kept his hand in radio, doing news at KHTZ and KRLA. This was a treat, because KRLA was an 'Oldies' station and they had some great DJ's from the past working in the studio, including Wolfman Jack, and the REAL Don Steele!

Lou and his wife, Mike Adams and his wife, and Jerry Gordon and his wife meet every New Years Eve in Los Vegas. He says that he wished he had taped those meetings in Vegas because of all the story telling and they laughed till they got sick.

Lou is now envolved in a home based business. You can e-mail him at: henry.loumax@gmail.com

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