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Air Checks and Sound Bytes

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1230 WCOL Dixieland Jingle
1230 Jingle with Horns
1230 Music WCOL Jingle
1230 The New WCOL Jingle
1230 WCOL Jingle with Goofy Car Sales Spoof
Avis Truck Rental Ad
The Battle of the New Sounds Air Check
Another Big C Weekend Jingle
Chuck Taylor (Chucko) Remembering
An Ad for Contact Lenses, WCOL-Fun Jingle
Spoof on Daylight Savings Time
Greatest Team Jingle
More and More Jingle
More Music WCOL Jingle
Music - That's Our Middle Name Jingle
Music 1230 Jingle
Newswatch Spoof
Promo to patronize the sponsors and Non-Stop Music Jingle
Proteen 21 Spot with Jingle
Dave Reinhart asking for ME to call. If I would have called, I would have won an album!
Dave Reinhart promoting WCOL sponsors with 'The Name of the Day'
Dave Reinhart with the Talking Clock
Dave Reinhart and another Talking Clock with WCOL Jingle
Smile Every Day With 1230 WCOL Jingle
Sonny Palmer Announcing the 'Battle of the New Sounds' Challenger Number 5
The First 'Teen Scene Magazine' Promo
Teen Scene Magazine ad
The Big Story with Let's Swing Jingle
The New WCOL Jingle
Walter Furnace with the New Air Check
WCOL All Night Long Jingle
WCOL Instrumental Jingle
WCOL Signoff
Your Riding High with 1230 WCOL Jingle
Chuck Taylor's (Chucko) Tribute program with several 'All American's DJ's
J. Parker Antrim Airchecks (Part 1)
J. Parker Antrim Airchecks (Part 2)
Jerry Gordon Airchecks
Dr. Bop Returns to WCOL - Number 2 (Originally aired 2-16-75)
Saturday Night of the WCOL 2003 reunion in Columbus
Sunday morning program aired on 107.9 - WCOL 2003 reunion in Columbus
Tribute to Dr. Bop on WCOL which aired on 3-7-1976.

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